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Yarn Review: Bad Sheep Yarn

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I'm excited to write a review about Bad Sheep Yarns which are hand dyed!

I bought a few hanks from Bad Sheep Yarn out of Florida and I love it. I bought a limited edition color called Calico Praeire. It has lovely shades of pink, red, blue, green, golds, browns and purples. It is perfect for the fall. I have finished a beret with it and am working up a shawl. Even though Calico Praerie is no longer available Bad Sheep has many wonderful colors. This is my second time purchasing from them, and I will return.

I bought the yarn in both sport and medium weights and they are both 100% merino wool. The yarn is lovely and soft. It is very easy to work with and doesn't have a lot of a halo. The lack of the halo makes it really easy to frog. When it's worked up the yarn is not scratchy or too hot. The wool has all the best qualities of Merino for sure. If you haven't tried out Bad Sheep Yarn, I definitely recommend giving their amazing yarns a try!

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27 jan.

Did you happen to have any Calico Prairie left over??? Trying to find a skein to a half skein to finish a project! (

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
27 jan.
Reageren op

Hi there. I have one full skein left. My project didn’t need as much yarn as I thought, lol. It is worsted (#4) weight.

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