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Crochet Biz Summit 2023

This week I attended the crochet business summit. What can I say…

  1. I met so many amazing makers and designers. I really hope to stay in touch with them all. I have tried to follow everyone that I could on instagram. I really want to cultivate relationships and have that sense of community. That's the best part about this industry. The community!

  2. My brain is overflowing with ideas and thinking of new approaches. I am trying to build my YouTube and my overall presence. The presentations given by Alysha Littlejohn and BagsbyBento were absolutely great. These sessions really gave me so many ideas of how to grow my presence. I would really like to be an influencer. It would give me such a sense of accomplishment in this community. I really do like to be seen.

Overall, I would like to thank Pam Grice the Crochetpreuer for putting this amazing opportunity together. It is very nice that she has brought us all together really enhancing the Community!

Happy hooking everyone!

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