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Designing Again

I'm finally getting close to finishing up my newest design. It features the granny stitch. I cannot wait to unveil it soon. I'm working it up in Dahilia, Bluebell from Hobbii. It's going to be beautiful!

I am little behind on my launch checklist. I want to get stitch tutorials filmed for the granny stitch in the round and rows. Also a tutorial about measuring gauge in the round since it is different from measuring in rows.

I also want to film about increasing in the round. I would call a standard increase like this: Round 1 stitch into each stitch twice (increase), Round 2 stitch into one stitch and increase, Round 3 stitch into next two stitches and increase, Round 4 stitch into the next three stitches and increase. Continue on adding one to the number of stitches worked singly until you have the diameter/size you want. For example, Round 5 would be to stitch into the next four stitches and increase on the fifth.

More to come. Happy hooking!!

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