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Jewel Tone Color Inspiration

I had been scrolling Facebook and saw a great jewel tone color combination. All the colors looked great together. The jewel tones really gave a rich and luxurious feel to the photo. It would be a great for a crochet project. Below is my rendition of the jewel tones I saw. A teal with a light teal going over to a deep, hot pink. Followed with Navy blue, orange and gray. These colors would be great as a blanket or a funky sweater. I bet a mosaic project would really be awesome with these colors. The possibilities are endless and these colors would bring a pop to any project.

Here are the RGB codes that I used for this inspirational shot.

Teal: 0 85 105

Lighter Teal: 0 151 186

Pink: 213 26 76

Navy Blue: 36 0 192

Orange: 214 70 0

Gray: 150 150 150

Happy hooking and crochet journey!

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