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Neon Color Combo

For Mother’s Day I made a quick card in Adobe Fresco on my phone and chose some neon colors for the background. They mixed together a bit because I used the water color brush for the effect. They created some additional colors which don’t have RGB codes associated in this post. However, I wanted to post it here with the RGB codes that I used. The colors I used are a nice, loud pink, green, and blue. They look great together. I really do love neon colors and loud color mixes. They make me so happy! I have really been eyeing Silly Socks Disco from Hobbii for sometime. I would definitely use the pink and green to go with this color combo. Sadly, they don’t have a blue colorway in that yarn. I would use twister or friends wheel to cover for the blue though. It would be such fun for a crochet summer poncho which could be used for a swimsuit cover up at the beach!

Neon Pink: 255 / 58 / 210

Neon Blue: 58 / 160 / 255

Neon Green: 62 / 255 / 58

Happy hooking and thanks for being a part of my crochet journey!

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