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Summer Color Inspiration

Hey my Crocheters. It’s the middle of summer and time for some fun color combo inspirations. I have come up with three different color combos to include the RGB codes too. Let’s check them out!

Below is my color combo which was inspired by watermelons since they are a wonderful fruit for summertime snacking.

Pink RGB: 255/0/106

Green RGB: 64/206/9

Yellow RGB: 233/240/41

The next color combo was inspired by the shoreline meeting up with the ocean.

Light Blue RGB: 68/184/255

Dark Blue RGB: 0/151/201

Sand RGB: 240/219/141

Finally, I was inspired my the shades of green from the Rainforest trees.

Light Green RGB: 52/187/21

Dark Green RGB: 31/155/3

Brown RGB: 126/82/0

These colors would be such fun in a summer crochet project. I would love my watermelon color combo as a summer top. I do believe Hobbii has a similar colorway in Twister and Friends Wheel. Both of which would be good summer yarns since they are mostly cotton. The beach vibe color combo would be nice as a light sweater/cardi. I love the sandy color there. Again, Hobbii has a similar colorway in Dreamcolour which would make a lovely light sweater or cardi since it is 100% wool and not a heavy yarn at all. Lastly a nice Rainforest inspired summer top or skirt would be great. I am not sure if a yarn with a similar colorway is out there, but why not buy the colors individually and make a color changing project?

It all sounds like good fun to me. Let’s get to summer crocheting!

Happy hooking!

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