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Summer Crochet Garment Project Ideas Part 2

Hey my Crocheters! Since I posted a part 2 about summer yarn suggestions I felt like I should post a part 2 for summer crochet garment ideas. Let’s get started.

  1. Shorts. Yes, you can crochet shorts! Of course shorts are a staple in the summer. Why not crochet a pair? I would love to make a pair of shorts using linen. Since linen is usually used for pant material it would make perfect sense.

  2. Headbands/Bandanas. I am not talking ear warmers here. I am thinking of those cute headbands that show off your cute summer hair style. I am working on designing my own right now. I will post about it when I get the pattern completed. I’m using 100% cotton yarn for my creation and cotton is a wonderful choice for something that haolds you hair in place. A bandana would be another good summer crochet project. They are great for keeping your hair back and out of your face.

  3. Bralette/Bikini top. These are a great idea for sunny beach days. I can imagine getting a coconut to drink from and setting my towel on the beach wearing a crochet bikini top. For this project I would only use cotton since it is a hearty fiber that isn’t very delicate. It can also get wet without fear of harming the fiber.

These are just a few more ideas to get your summer crochet going. Check out my Instagram or Facebook to share your summer crochet project ideas.

Happy Hooking!

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