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Summer Yarn Suggestions Part 2

Hey my Crocheters! Last week I posted some summer yarn suggestions and forgot to include a couple of fibers that I think are great for summer projects.

  1. Bamboo/Viscose. Bamboo feels lovely and is so smooth and soft. These are great qualities since bamboo is known to regulate body temperature. Meaning it helps keep you cool in the hot summer sun. It is also know to wick moisture away which is good for those sweaty days. It is also known to be a comfortable fiber for people with sensitive skin.

2. Alpaca. I know what you’re thinking,“Andrea, alpaca is supposed to be 3 times warmer than wool. How is that good for summer?!” Well well well. Alpaca is known to regulate body temperature since it comes from an animal that lives in both extreme heat and cold. The fiber itself is hollow and allows for airflow on hot days. Alpaca is known to be odor resistant which is good for sweaty days. It is also light weight which would make it a good option for summer garments.

Now I think this makes the list of summer yarns full. You can always go to part 1 of this post by clicking Summer Yarn Suggestions

As always Happy Hooking!

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