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Summer Yarns Suggestions

Hey my Crocheters or Knitters!

I don’t know about you but I love to crochet year round. That means when it’s in the height of summer and the days are hot. I also like to wear my crochet in the summer too. Maybe you think I’m crazy to wear yarn in the summer, but you might have heard about this from others. There are yarns that work great for summer garments and accessories. Let’s get into the yarns.

  1. Cotton yarns

Cotton yarns are a good choice for summer since cotton is so breathable. I would recommend a 100% cotton because it will keep that breathability to the maximum. You could get a cotton blend where the cotton is the majority of the mix. A blend would be good if using for a project that is high use. The blends with acrylic or nylon would be good for making summer socks.

2. Linen yarns

Linen yarn is a good summer option again because of its breathability. Linen is also known to be very strong and absorbant. Which is good in the summer when it’s a hot day. It’s good at wicking the sweat away. It is also known to dry faster than cotton.

3. Silk yarns

Silk yarn is wonderful for summer. It is light and soft to the touch. Silk is known to be antimicrobial which is great for people with sensitive skin. Silk is very strong and is naturally temperature regulating which is a good thing in hot weather for helping to stay cool.

Overall, cotton, linen, and silk are fantastic summer yarns to use. They are all breathable and lighter weight than wool. I enjoy working with all these yarns types. They are easy to work with.

Stay tuned for my next blog post in which I will be giving ideas for summer crochet projects.

Happy hooking!

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