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Welcome to Hook, Yarn, and Hygge with Yarn Packin’ Mama 🧶😍🥳🤩🧶

Hi and welcome!

I'm so excited to start this blog and bring you into my crochet design journey! I will be posting about all things crochet from inspirational photos to crochet's ability to instill clam and cozy feelings.

A little more about me…

I really started crocheting because I couldn't find a particular type of hat in the store. So I found a crochet pattern and made the exact hat I wanted. Why did I choose crochet you ask? When I was little my mom taught me to crochet so I went with something I knew. There was no going back!!

Ever since making that hat I have worked on other projects and pieces, and each has brought me such joy. Crocheting also gives me a sense of accomplishment. Seeing that string of yarn turn into a fabric is so satisfying! Then that fabric turning into the perfect garment or decor item brings indescribable joy.

This lovely craft also provides me an healthy escape from daily stressors. It helps me recenter and calm down which is needed. It is definitely food for my soul!

Since starting my design journey I have learned so much. There are so many different techniques and stitches that the possibilities are endless for what can be created. I am going to be learning more and trying different techniques. During my exploration I will share it all here. I can't wait to share more and see where this adventure takes us!

Stay tuned for more! 😄

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Mar 07, 2023

Very nice to see you here! I look forward to reading your blogs!

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
Mar 07, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!

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