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Furls Streamline Crochet Hook Review

I have been using Streamline hooks from Furls for my project lately. I have been using 4mm - 12mm hook sizes. I really like how these hooks feel in my hand. It is a very comfortable handle design. The hook also glides very nicely when working with various fibers. From wool to acrylic the hook doesn't get caught up on the yarn.

I also really like the tip of the hook. I prefer to use inline crochet hooks opposed to tapered hooks. The inline tip works really well for me to be able to easily get into stitches. Tapered hooks don't have that definition at the tip and don't seem to go into stitches as easily, at least for me. The Streamline has an inline tip that is slightly rounded, but not tapered. The hooks go into the spaces nicely as a result.

A few of cons that I have noticed is storing them, being able to see the hook size engraved on the hook, the range of sizes, and the price.

The shape of these hooks feel great in the hand, but they are a little hard to store. I have actually put mine into a pencil holder on my desk. This is the best way I have found to store the hooks. I have the Cookies and Cream hook (discontinued colorway) and it is a little hard to see the size that is engraved onto the hook. I have to position them just so to be able to see the size. This might apply to other lighter colorways, but the Teal Glitter Streamline hook that I have it is easy to see the engraving. Another con I have found is the range of hook sizes available. If you need smaller than 4mm hooks then the Streamline is not going to be for you. I am sure that smaller than 4mm would compromise the strength of the head of the hook, but as someone who uses extra fine or fine yarns, it means that I can't use these hooks with every project. Lastly, these hooks are a little pricey. They are worth it, but it is definitely a hook to buy as a treat. I would recommend being a part of their mailing list. They do run great deals and it can make the entry point for these hooks more accessible.

Overall, I really like the Streamline crochet hook by Furls and would recommend to anyone looking for a crochet hook. I do plan to purchase more as time goes on because they are lovely to use and look at. Furls is constantly introducing new hook colorways and it makes it fun to have a variety of interesting looking hooks.

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