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What Do You Do When a Skein Falls Apart? Rewind It!

What happens when you have a skein of very slippery yarn and it falls apart? When skeins like Butterfly from Hobbii fall apart it is best to rewind them. This kind of yarn tangles so easily. Leaving it a mess makes it harder to work with. It took me a couple of days to untangle and it was super frustrating. I even had to cut the yarn a couple of times!

Below I give the steps for rewinding using a winder and a toilet paper roll.

Here are the steps for rewinding yarn using a yarn winder. Check out my YouTube for the video tutorial.

Step 1: Insert the end of yarn into your yarn winder.

Step 2: Put yarn into a yarn bowl (I used the Big Sully from Prym).

Step 3: Begin winding yarn.

Step 4: Remove cake and insert label into the center.

Below are steps for rewinding yarn using the toilet paper roll method. Check out my YouTube for the video tutorial!

Step 1: Find a toilet paper roll.

Step 2: Cut slits on one side of the roll.

Step 3: Insert yarn end into the cut slits.

Step 4: Holding roll at a 45 degree angle, begin winding clockwise for a few wraps.

Step 5: Shift roll to other side and continue wrapping yarn.

Step 6: Continue to alternate angle while

winding to end up with a center pull ball of yarn.

Step 7: Remove ball from roll and insert label into the center.

I hope you found this useful! 😃

Happy crocheting!!

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